Program configuration for slrn 0.9

Make the following adjustments to use our news server:

Before you start slrn, open the file ~/.slrnrc with your preferred editor (vi, pico ...). Ignore any warnings that this file does not exist.

pico ~/.slrnrc

Enter the following three lines

set realname "Erika Musterfrau"
set username "musterfrau"
set hostname ""

where you replace Erika Musterfrau by your real name and split your e-mail address, in the example, accordingly: The local part before @ in "username", the remaining part in "hostname".

If your access is authenticated by password you can also add a line like

nnrpaccess <username> <password>

where you replace <username> by the username and <password> by the password from the accout details for the server.

Storing your account information in the news reader's configuration is a potential security risk. If you are unsure, please refer to our FAQ at

It is not necessary to enter a password if your institution is a member of the institutional access scheme (Anwenderzulassung) and you are accessing the server from your institution's network.

Save the file and protect it against unauthorized access by other users. Open a terminal window and enter the command

chmod 600 ~/.slrnrc

First start

In a terminal window enter

slrn -h -f ~/.jnewsrc -create .

This will start slrn and open a connection to our news server. At first a data file ".jnewsrc" is created. If you did not enter your account details in the previous step slrn will ask for them now.

Start slrn

After the first start the list of all available groups is shown. Nearly all are marked as "U" (unsubscribed) in the left column. Subscribe a group by moving the cursor to its line and enter "s" (subscribe). You can unsubscribe a group by hitting "u" (unsubscribe).

List of all newsgroups

You can limit the display for better overview. Hit "L" (capital L). If you enter "bln.*" slrn will display only the groups in the bln.* hierarchy.

Read articles

Select the group you wish to read with the cursor keys and hit Enter. A request may appear in the bottom line how many header lines you wish to retrieve. Confirm with the Enter key. You can enter a smaller number you do not want to read all articles.

Select newsgroups

Slrn shows the article overview in that group.

Article overview in a group

The bottom line shows the most important commands. For example "d" will mark an article "read", slrn will not show it any longer in the future.

Open an article with the space bar. Use the same key to page the article and to advance to the next article.

Read article

Hit "q" to return to the group overview.

To post an article in a selected group, hit "p".

Posting an article

Leave slrn with the "q" (quit) key.

In in future the sufficient start option for slrn is slrn -h

If you plan to use slrn for another news server, too, use the following command:

slrn -h <newsserver>

where <newsserver> is the name of the other server. If a password is required for authentication, create add additional nnrpaccess line in the ".slrnrc" file.

When using more than one news server you should create according lines in ".slrnrc" to assign different ".jnewsrc" files to the respective servers.

For example:

You should also rename the already existing ".jnewsrc" into "".